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Empower Your Journey with Luminate Career Services

Luminate Career Services offers a variety of products and services designed to empower students, parents, and schools to make informed decisions about education and career paths. Our products and services are designed to be accessible and affordable for all students.

KADECS - Your Career Guidance Companion



KADECS is a web application that utilizes a series of psychometric tests and educational resources to create individualized profiles for students, providing academic pathways toward the most suitable careers for them.

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Cohort Guidance Sessions

We offer Cohort Guidance Sessions that provide students with invaluable insights during crucial transitions. Our adept team leads students through phases of personal growth exploration, SHS programs and specialization discovery, and navigating the intricate career landscape. These sessions are mostly organized for schools, churches, etc

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Career Guidance Materials

We develop top-notch career guidance materials to help students learn about their personalities, educational pathways, and the world of work to make informed decisions about their future.

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Whether you're a student embarking on the path to your dreams, a parent seeking clarity for your child's future, or a school striving to guide your students effectively, Luminate Career Services is your partner in illumination. Let us illuminate your potential, ignite your aspirations, and empower your journey towards success.

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