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Luminate Career Services Graduates from UNICEF StartUp Lab Accelerator.

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Following a rigorous six-month accelerator program dedicated to honing business and product development skills, Luminate Career Services successfully completed its journey at the UNICEF StartUp Lab. With the unwavering support of UNICEF in Ghana and a strong boost from KOICA through the "KOICA-UNICEF Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Ghana" initiative, the UNICEF StartUp Lab stands as a committed accelerator program focused on empowering businesses in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the betterment of children and young individuals.

During this intensive 6-month program facilitated by MEST Africa, we tackled one of Ghana's crucial education challenges: providing comprehensive career guidance to JHS students and beyond. Luminate Career Services is on a mission to revolutionize career guidance in Africa.

One way of doing that is by leveraging technology to provide quality career guidance. With the training at the UNICEF StartUp Lab, we were able to develop our MVP, KADECS.

Introducing KADECS, our revolutionary all-in-one career guidance tool designed to help students navigate their academic journey. 📚🚀

Here's how KADECS revolutionizes career guidance for Ghana's youth:

💡 Uncover Potential: Discover your true self through personality and interest tests. Kadecs connects you with personalized career recommendations based on your temperament, learning style, and interests.

🔍 Discover Ideal SHS Programs: Explore a vast database of SHS programs, subjects, and skills to make informed decisions for your future! 🌟

🏫 Find the Perfect School: Access a comprehensive directory of SHS in Ghana, including programs, locations, gender mix, and boarding options.

👨🏾‍🏫 Expert Advice at Your Fingertips: Get guidance from education counselors, career advisors, and psychologists to answer your questions and concerns.

During the UNICEF StartUp Lab Demo Day and Graduation ceremony, we had an amazing opportunity to present our products to a diverse audience, including parents, university students, children, and investors. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive!

Our eye-catching branded stand, featuring pull-up banners, brochures, and our enthusiastic team proudly wearing Luminate shirts, attracted a lot of attention. We were thrilled to engage in meaningful conversations and witness the heartening reactions from everyone who visited our booth.

Our journey with the UNICEF Start-Up Lab has been transformative, propelling our team's growth. The dedication and expertise of our talented team members - Desmond Kayder Adusah, Bright Anim Ayipeh, Frederick Blasu, Funmilayo Abodunrin, and Diana Dickson - have been instrumental in shaping the success of Luminate Career Services.

Looking forward, we're committed to making a lasting impact. Our next steps include expanding the reach of KADECS, collaborating with educational institutions, and transforming career guidance across Africa. Together, let's empower students to pursue their dreams and confidently embark on their chosen path.

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