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We are on a mission to revolutionize career guidance in Africa.

At Luminate Career Services, we believe that every individual deserves the chance to discover their passion, explore their potential, and embrace a journey that leads to success.

To shine a light on the pathways of every student in Ghana, fostering a future of fulfillment and success.

Envisioning an Africa where every student's choice is informed, every dream is nurtured, and every journey is a celebration of potential.

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Who We Are

Luminate Career Services is an edtech and career guidance company dedicated to providing students, from Junior High School to University, with the tools and resources they need to find relevant skills and fulfilling careers, and guide them into the world of work.

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What We Do

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, regardless of their background or circumstances. We do this by helping students learn more about themselves and discover their passions; explore diverse academic and career pathways, and make informed decisions about their future through our Three Es approach.

How We Do It



This involves introducing students to the Career Journey, tools for exploring their interests and personal development, as well as skill-based learning and insights into the world of work.



Students undergo a series of psychometric tests as well as career and interest assessments. These assessments generate personalized profiles and pathways, offering suggestions for their academic and career pursuits.



Students gain access to an extensive array of materials on well-researched skills and career options. They also have the opportunity to take part in experiential career and mentorship events, acquiring practical, hands-on knowledge and experience related to their prospective pursuits.

Our Values

We believe in Accessibility, Inclusion, Collaboration, and Passion, which drive our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Diverse digital and physical tools for universal access, making solutions user-friendly for all.


Human-centered design meets diverse student needs, creating solutions that ensure no student is left behind.


"It takes a village" Fostering collaboration among students,  parents and teachers for holistic decision-making.


Infusing enthusiasm into everything we do, to make our own small positive change in the world

Our Company Story


First Cohort Session

We had our first cohort session with the final-year students of TEPAS. We went on to close that year with a total number of 171 guided final-year students with 2 additional schools.


UNICEF Start-Up Lab

We enrolled in the renowned UNICEF Start-Up Lab and successfully graduated as we were able to develop KADECS 1.0



Kadecs 1.0

We developed our MVP during our training at the UNICEF Start-Up Lab. 
Kadecs 1.0 is a database of SHS programs, schools, and temperaments that students can explore.


Social Impact

We partnered with ReachOut World Mission to offer career guidance to students in underserved communities in Navrongo.

Meet Our Team

Meet the heartbeat of Luminate Career Services who are all driven by a shared commitment to ignite futures.

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Desmond Adusah


With over 7+ years experience freelancing, a Master's Degree in Design Thinking, and skills in product development, circular economy, and creative problem solving, Desmond has partaken in and led a number of design projects across different industries.

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Funmilayo Abodunrin

Operations Lead

Resourceful expert in learning customer needs, while being committed to strengthening customer experiences with positivity and professionalism, Funmi has administrative experience from various logistics and maritime institutions. Through volunteering for clubs like Rotary International, she is skilled at Financial and Operational Reporting and holds a BSc in Ports and Shipping Administration from the Regional Maritime University.

Bright Anim Ayipeh

Marketing & Communications

Has built an online presence and acquired sales for brands via social media platforms such as Nutribom Ghana, The Mane Solutions, Reset Fx Nutrition and Ramilas Healing and Arts Center. He holds a BA in Psychology from UG, Legon


Jude Ofori-Teiko

Content Lead

A key member of our team, helping to deliver compelling and impactful stories and capturing our journey with his extensive experience and skills in a range of multimedia skills. He hold a BA in Graphic Design from Radford University College.


Frederick Blasu

Design Research

Has created and curated several unique visual identities for some of the top brands in the country such as MTN, Sanlam, and Calbank. Holds a BA from KNUST

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers play a crucial role in supporting students as they navigate their career choices.

Luminate Career Services Volunteers

Interested in Volunteering or becoming a mentor?
Become a Luminary.

Our Partners

Luminate Career Services collaborates with IGOs,  NGOs, philanthropists, and others to extend our impact and provide career guidance to underserved communities, ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to excel.

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ReachOut World Mission
Power To Girls Foundation
Play & Learn Foundation
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