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TEPAS student in our cohort career guidance session

Guiding Students to a Fulfilling Career Path

Explore personalized career guidance, discover your path, and make informed decisions. Get started now!

What We Do

Luminate Career Services offers a variety of products and services designed to empower students, parents, and schools to make informed decisions about education and career paths.

TEPAS students after career guidance.

We are on a mission to revolutionize career guidance in Africa.

At Luminate Career Services, we believe that every individual deserves the chance to discover their passion, explore their potential, and embrace a journey that leads to success.


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How it works


Excited TEPAS student in our cohort career guidance session

This involves introducing students to the Career Journey, tools for exploring interests and personal development, as well as skill-based learning and insights into the world of work.


TEPAS student exploring career pathways during our cohort career guidance session

Students undergo a series of psychometric tests as well as career and interest assessments. These assessments generate personalized profiles and pathways, offering suggestions for their academic and career pursuits.


TEPAS student in our cohort career guidance session

Students gain access to an extensive array of materials on well-researched skills and career options. They also have the opportunity to take part in experiential career and mentorship events, acquiring practical, hands-on knowledge and experience related to their prospective pursuits.


What Our Students Say

The experience was fun and life-changing. Even the thought of a group of friends devoted to helping us teens decide on our future is just AWESOME!
On behalf of our school, I humbly say that it will never be forgotten and has helped us a lot. When you see us as special people in the future keep in mind that some of them originated from your premium advice. CONTINUE CHANGING LIVES

Student from Tema Parents Association School

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does a career guidance session last?
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How can I get started with Luminate Career Services?

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